Variations on Vision - Production

Aug. 7–23, 2020

For the 16th straight year, The Variations Project will take the stage with a fabulous group of world premiere 10-minute plays by local authors. This year's production, directed by Sydney Pope, will be live-streamed on Aug. 7 and re-streamed all other dates—all for free, thanks to a cosponsorship with Motor House!


Act 1

"Seeing the Guru" by R.A. Pauli

"20/20" by Shelbi Lauren Nelson

"Gone Vision" by John Sowalsky

"Next Wind" by SharRon Tyrell

"Little Birds" by Chad Short

"Freedom" (part 1) by Danielle DuPree


Act 2

"Freedom" (part 2) by Danielle DuPree

"How Women Dance" by Sharon Goldner

"Take Out" by Brandon Rashad Butts

"The Walls You Cannot See" by Rosemary Frisino Toohey

"A Recipe for the Future" by Archie Williams

"Three Cucumbers" by Deborah Carry Amland

Variations on Vision - Staged Reading

Aug. 9, 2020

We couldn't stop at the stage production and had to bring you more 10-minute plays in our staged reading! Like the production, the reading—directed by Arthur Cleaves—will be broadcast live online for free!

"Milton Avenue" by Christopher A. Kess

"A Sight for Sore Eyes" by Colin Riley

"Good Mothers" by Danielle DuPree

"To Be Determined" by Elizabeth Shannon

"No Rules Pasta" by Emma Howard

"Paint Me a Picture" by Erin Klarner

"Box" by Joshua Scheid

"The Unseen Truth" by Linda Wellman

"In the Dark" by Pamela Wilterdink

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