What is the Variations Project?

The Variations Project is Baltimore's original ten-minute play festival. Each year since 2005, the event has created a diverse collection of world premiere plays based on an audience-chosen theme amid an inclusive and participatory process.






Want to get involved? It all starts with the Variations Party...

How to Participate

1. Come to the Variations Party (tentatively scheduled for May 15, 2021) at Motor House (if you miss it, don't worry—source material from the party will be posted here). This is the event where, each year, we explore the audience-chosen theme and generate sparks of ideas—the beginnings of stories. Then...

2. Go write a 10-minute play! (See Guidelines below.) Deadline for submission is TO BE ANNOUNCED.

3. Readings of submissions will occur throughout the month of TBD with the authors available for discussion to receive feedback, after which point writers will have the opportunity to make revisions before final selections are made.

4. Shortly after the readings, we will announce the group of roughly 7 to 12 plays which will be produced on stage—and start rehearsals!

5. The stage production will take place in December. A second group of plays will also be presented, as staged readings during that time.

If you'd like to participate or have a question, please drop us a line using the "Contact Us" link.


A. Your submission should be a newly written piece for the purpose of this project and not something you dust off and repurpose to fit the theme. The writing is the most important part of the process!

B. No more than two submissions per author.

C. We want playwrights to join us in the process of creating and developing their work, so please be from the DelMarVa area so you can participate in person.


D. A ten-minute play runs about 1500 words and our production will be performed by an ensemble cast of about 6-8 actors so please be open to nontraditional casting and avoid writing something requiring many actors.


E. As with casting, be open-minded about production design. Remember, all of the plays we select to produce will share a stage. We'll have obvious limitations in scenery and other design elements which will give us wonderfully theatrical opportunities to attack problems unconventionally and non-literally.

F. Submissions should be emailed to VariationsProject@gmail.com in .doc (Word) format no later than 11:59 p.m. on the deadline date.

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